Private Lighthouses

There are 18 lighthouses and range lights that have been purchased by private individuals or community groups.  They are often located on private land and not accessible to the public.  Several of these Private Lighthouses have been converted to other functions, summer cottages, guest houses or small shops.  These are generally small range lights.

Former Northport Range Light


The Former Northport Back Range Light has now been transformed into a private home. The lighthouse is the central part of a house over looking the Northport Harbour. The owners have retained the wooden lantern and lantern deck which is supported by metal brackets. They have maintained the shed dormers over the windows. The whole dwelling is covered with grey siding and white trim. 

Technical Data
  • Status: Decommissioned / Private
  • Date Built: 1897
  • Tower height: 6.7m, 22'
Historic Data

When it was built in 1897, the Former Northport Back Range Light was a 22-foot open-framed wooden tower with a square wooden lantern. The side facing the channel was slatted to make it more conspicuous. It was painted white and displayed a fixed red light, visible three miles. In 1903, the tower was enclosed

In 1962, a new front range light was installed and the structure formerly used for the front light took the place of the back tower. The former back range was sold and moved a short distance.

This light has been incorporated into a private home in Alberton where it still overlooks the the beautiful waters of Cascumpec Bay.



Lighthouse Keepers

1885–1897 - John Mountain

1897–1912 - William Champion

1912–1914 - B. Mountain

1914–19?? - W. A. Smith