Private Lighthouses

There are 18 lighthouses and range lights that have been purchased by private individuals or community groups.  They are often located on private land and not accessible to the public.  Several of these Private Lighthouses have been converted to other functions, summer cottages, guest houses or small shops.  These are generally small range lights.

Former Cardigan River Range Light


Former Cardigan River Range Light - This square, wooden tower painted white stands 9.8m (32 feet) tall. The square red metal lantern has windows on three sides. It has a superimposted gallery which is supported by curved metal brackets. A red metal railing surrounds the gallery. There are red pediments over the door and window.

The current owner has put a lot of care and attention into maintaining many of the original aspects of this tower.

Driving Directions:

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Points East Coastal Drive - From Route 4 in Poole's Corner, travel east on Georgetown Road (Route 3) towards Georgetown for 8.8 km (5.5 miles) and then turn left onto Morrison's Beach Road and drive 1.8 km (1.1 miles) to its end. The Cardigan River Range Light is located on the grounds of Four Season Cottages.

GPS Coordinates: 46 21 19 87 N, 62 54 14 97 W

Technical Data
  • Status: Decomissioned
  • Date Built: 1883
  • Electrification and De-staffing Dates: 1967
  • Tower height: 9.8m, 32'
Historic Data

It commenced operation on September 1, 1883. Appearing green seaward and white to the northeast, when captains of vessels coming from the south saw the green light turn to white, they knew they could safely anchor in Cardigan Bay.

In 1926, the Lighthouse became a rear range light when a beacon was installed atop a mast on the ferry wharf as a front range light.

In 1967, the rear light was converted to a directional light, and the front light was discontinued.

Rosemary and Paul Batchilder were concerned that the building would be damaged so they purchased it and moved it to its present location. It now belongs to their daughter, Melissa Batchilder.

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Lighthouse Keepers

1883-1901 - Angus Morrison
1901-19?? - John D. Morrison

Current Owners/ Operators:

The Cardigan River Range Light is privately owned.