Private Lighthouses

There are 18 lighthouses and range lights that have been purchased by private individuals or community groups.  They are often located on private land and not accessible to the public.  Several of these Private Lighthouses have been converted to other functions, summer cottages, guest houses or small shops.  These are generally small range lights.

Port Borden Pier Light


The hexagonal pyramidal wooden tower has a hexagonal lantern and gallery. It stands 8.5m (28 foot) tall, and is shingled and painted white with red trim.

A section of the railing has been removed and a solar panel has been installed on the gallery.Its gallery is supported by wooden brackets, and the windows and door have pedimented caps.

Driving Directions:

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Points East Coastal Drive - Exit Highway 1 in Borden-Carleton at the Gateway Village and follow Borden Avenue south to the Marine/Rail Historic Park. You can view the Port Borden Pier Lighthouse from the park. The pier is marked private.

The lighthouse is owned by the Canadian Coast Guard. Grounds / tower closed.

GPS Coordinates: 46 14 42.5N 63 41 58W

Technical Data
  • Status: Active
  • LOL number: 1017.5
  • Date Built: 1925
  • Electrification and De-staffing Dates: Presently solar powered.
  • Nominal Range: 7 NAUTICAL MILES
  • Focal Height: 10.0m, 32'8"
  • Light: Green Iso
  • Flash Pattern: 2 Seconds 2 Eclipse
  • Tower height: 8.5m, 27'8"
Historic Data

"Ice-boat service at Cape Traverse began in 1827 and continued until 1917, when the icebreaking railcar ferry Prince Edward Island began service between Cape Tormentine and a new port constructed a few miles west of Cape Traverse at Carleton Point.

This new port was incorporated as Borden in 1919, taking its name from Prime Minister Robert Borden, whose government was responsible for locating the ferry terminal at Carleton Point. During its first year of service the Prince Edward Island made 506 crossing. The ferry was modified in the 1920s to accommodate automobiles in addition to railcars." - Taken directly from Kraig Anderson's website;

The Port Borden Lighthouse was placed at the end of the pier in 1925 to guide the car ferries into the harbour.

When the Confederation Bridge was opened in June 1997, the pier was purchased by a fish packing company that has built a factory there, so access to the lighthouse is restricted.


Lighthouse Keepers

No records

Current Owners/ Operators:

The Government of Canada owns this lighthouse. The Town of Borden - Carleton has put in a petition for ownership to the Parks Canada Heritage Lighthouse Program.