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Cape Egmont Lighthouse

Cape Edgemont

"The classical theme of this lighthouse is reflected in the pleasing proportions and the graceful transition from tower to lantern." Quoted from FHBRO

This square pyramidal tower, 12.4m, 40'.7" high, is clad in cedar shingles and painted white. The octagonal lantern is surrounded by a red metal railing and supported by a curved cornice. The deck floor edge has a highly molded fascia. Under this cornice is another molding painted red.

The door and windows have a simple classical pediment over them.

Driving Directions:

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North Cape Coastal Drive - Follow route 11 west of Summerside, and follow it down past Union Corner Provincial Park, Mont Carmel until you reach Cape Egmont. At a sharp turn in the road, turn off the main road unto Phare du Cap Egmont Road - The Cape Egmont Lighthouse Road. It is located at the end of this short, clay road.

Just east of the lighthouse alongside Route 12 are the Bottle Houses, some of which were built by a former keeper.

GPS Coordinates: 46 24 06.6N 64 08 02.4W

Technical Data
  • Status: Active
  • FHBRO Number: 90-110
  • LOL number: 1024
  • Date Built: 1884
  • Electrification and De-staffing Dates: De-staffed in 1958
  • Nominal Range: 12 NAUTICAL MILES
  • Focal Height: 19.8m, 64' 9"
  • Light: FL white light
  • Flash Pattern: Flash 2 seconds Eclipse 2 seconds
  • Tower height: 12.4m, 40'7"


Historic Data:

The Legislature granted the sum of $1,695 for Laurent Perry to build the Cape Egmont Lighthouse in 1881. Due to difficulties obtaining the parcel of land, it was not able to begin construction until 1883. In September, 1884, the Lighthouse was completed and was first lit under the supervision of the first lighthouse keeper, Bruno Perry, whose annual salary was $200.00. This is the only coastal light on the 46-mile coast between the lighthouses at West Point and Seacow Head.

"The light in the tower’s octagonal iron lantern was initially fixed red, exhibited from a focal plane of 22 metres (72 feet), and could be seen, in clear weather, at a distance of ten miles from all points seaward. In 1891, the lamps, which had been suspended from a central shaft in the lantern room, were placed on shelves close to the lantern glass to reduce the interference to the light caused by the lantern sash bars. The array of lamps was replaced in 1906 by a single flashing fourth-order Fresnel lens, manufactured in Paris by Barbier, Benard & Turenne and consisting of six panels, each subtending sixty degrees in the horizontal plane." Quoted from

The Cape Egmont 1906 lens was installed at Point Prim in 1958 and replaced by the current 4th order drum lens. The interior of the tower in the Cape Egmont Lighthouse has been stripped. The interior was originally covered with lath and plaster, The dwelling was removed when the lighthouse was electrified in 1958. Severe erosion caused the lighthouse to be relocated a short distance inland in April 2000. It now stands closer to the tall telecommunications tower and associated building overlooking Fishing Cove Harbour.

This tower design is very similar to that of the Cape Bear Lighthouse.

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Lighthouse Keepers

1884-1900 - Bruno Perry

1900-1902 - F. C. Arseneault

1902-1912 - Joseph Gallant

1912-1922 - E. J. Arsenault

1922-1950 - Jean Wilfred Gallant - He was better known as 'Jack a Ferdinant' and his wife Leonie, were in charge of keeping the generator- operated lighthouse from 1920-1950. They had two of their four children while living at the lighthouse.

1950-1958 - Edward Arsenault - They had two daughters, Rejeanne and Yvette, who spent the first few years of their lives living at the lighthouse. He had four children, Rejeanne, Yvette, Maurce, and Pierre. The boys were born after he retired. During Edward's retirement, he built the first Bottle House not far from the lighthouse. His daughter, Rejeanne, operates the Bottle houses today.

Current Owners/ Operators:

Owned by the Government of Canada. The Evangeline Tourism Association has petitioned for ownership through the Parks Canada Heritage Lighthouse Program.

Special Event:

On September 25th 2013, the lighthouse was awarded a Provincial Designated Heritage Place plaque and certificate from the Honourable Minister of Tourism and Culture, Robert Henderson.


There was no representative at the presentation.