Range Lights

There are 40 (20 pairs) of range lights in the PEI lighthouse family.  Each pair of range lights includes a front range and a rear range and mark the entrance to a harbour.  Range lights were used by boat captains to pilot their craft safely into harbour by visually lining up the front and rear range lights to get their heading.  For this reason, the front range is typically shorter and the rear range is taller. Range lights often have a vertical red stripe on them as day marks to help the pilot visually line up the pair of lights to find their heading.

One range light – Leard’s Front Range in Victoria-by-the-Sea has been converted to the Victoria Seaport Museum.

Northport Back Range


The Northport Back Range Light is a square, wooden, tapered range light, 13.6 m (44.6 ') in height from base to vane and has a shingled exterior. It was originally an open frame tower which was enclosed in 1903. It was raised 3.3 m (11 ') in 1887 and another 1.8 m (6 ') in 1970.

The lantern gallery is superimposed on the tower. It is a combination of sloped base and straight top which gives the structure an unusual look. The range light is very simple with no decorative details. The wooden lantern deck is surrounded by a metal railing and supported by metal brackets. It is painted white with red trim and a vertical red daymark extends downward from the gallery. The door is topped with a shed dormer. All accents on this lighthouse are painted red.

It overlooks the Gulf of St. Lawrence and Cascumpec Bay on the northwest shore of Prince Edward Island.

Driving Directions:

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North Cape Coastal Drive - From Route #12 (Church Street) in Alberton, turn South on Main Street and continue for 3km (2 miles) on highway 152 to Northport Harbour. It is adjacent to the Northport Community Centre.

GPS Coordinates: 46 47 42.2 N, 64 03 32.5 W 244º 54 277.3m from front

Technical Data
  • Status: Active
  • FHBRO Number: 90-133
  • LOL number: 1082
  • Date Built: 1885
  • Electrification and De-staffing Dates: Electrification - 1962 ?
  • Nominal Range: 15 NAUTICAL MILES
  • Focal Height: 12.8m, 41'9"
  • Light: Green, ISO Equal Interval Flash
  • Flash Pattern: Flash 4 seconds Eclipse 4 seconds
  • Tower height: 11.8m, 38'7"
Historic Data

In 1885, James Keefe built the ranges under contract for $1,900. The back range was a square open framed tower, painted white, standing 40 ft in height.

It was modified in 1903. This Northport Back Range Light was originally a front range light until 1962 when a new front range was constructed. It has been moved a number of times to align with the channel.

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Lighthouse Keepers

1885-1897 - John Mountain

1897-1912 - William Champion

1912-1914 - B.Mountain

1914-19?? - W.A.Smith

Current Owners/ Operators:

Government of Canada. The Northport Community Council has submitted a petition for ownership under the Parks Canada Heritage Lighthouse Program.


Note: Notmar lists the height as 11.8 meters. Other research lists it at 13.6 m 44.6 feet.